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Our Team

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Discovery Kidzone Staff

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Rachel Supalla M. Ed

Rachel has her Masters degree in Early childhood administration. She went to college in Springfield, Mo and San Diego California for a degree in Early Childhood education. Rachel became Montessori certified in 2010 and has since developed a unique, progressive educational system that combines the best of all early childhood methods. Rachel has written articles for several magazines and online publications discussing early childhood and Montessori methods. Her unique early childhood methods have been featured on many popular early childhood websites and are well known throughout the country. Through careful observations and assessments the staff at Discovery Kidzone has seen great success with this method of education. Rachel is continuing her education to eventually obtain her master’s degree in Early Childhood Administration and Curriculum Development. When she is not working the education field she is at home with her husband and high school sweetheart, Eric. She has been happily married for 20 years and is the proud mother of 4 children Abigail, Allison, Zackary and Trenton. She has recently begun writing and blogging. Developing and sharing new teaching methods is her passion! Rachel enjoys being in the outdoors, water skiing, 4 wheeling, horseback riding, traveling with her family, gourmet cooking, baking, decorating and anything creative.

Director of Education (DKZ 1)

Melissa Velin

Mrs. Melissa Velin has been part of the DKZ family for 5 years. She has been in the early childhood field for over 13 years. She has her bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education. She has worn many hats with in DKZ but is now the Director of Education and the lead otters teacher. She is passionate about the families she meets and the children she teaches.

Director of Core Values (DKZ 2)

Sarah Roddewig

Sarah has been with Discovery Kidzone since 2014. She started as a school age teacher. She has been a cook, floater, assistant teacher and lead teacher. She is now the Assistant director at DKZ 2. Sarah has her associated degree in Early Childhood. Sarah has a daughter that was born in June 2018 and she attends DKZ 1.

Lead Preschool Teacher and Director of Community (DKZ 3)

Amber Chiles

Mrs. Amber has been with DKZ since April of 2014. She has been in the Early Childhood field since her Jr. year of high school. She started off as a sub in the preschool classroom and quickly became a Lead Pre-K teacher. She bounced back and forth between being a lead Pre-k and lead preschool teacher and is now the Director at DKZ3 and Lead Preschool teacher in the Porcupine classroom. She achieved her CDA in 2016 and is still working on graduating college in the Early Childhood Field. She is married and has two boys. Her office hours are Tuesdays from 8:30-12 and Fridays from 8:30-3.

Lead Infant Teacher and Director of administration (DKZ 1)

Stacey Graham

Mrs. Stacey Graham is one of the Directors and a teacher at Discovery Kidzone. In her many years working for Discovery kidzone Stacey received two scholarships to achieve her Montessori Teaching Diploma and CDA certification. Stacey studied ECE in California and is continuing her education here in Montana. Stacey moved with her husband to Montana from California six years ago and fell in love with this scenic place and has been working for Discovery Kidzone since 2013. Stacey has always been inspired to work with children ever since she could remember. Stacey started out as a sub then an assistant who then became a lead and today a director. She holds a special place in her heart to welcome every family to this enchanting family-oriented Montessori program.

Chief Operations Officer and Jack of All Trades

Eric Supalla

Eric started his career in Early Childhood as a toddler teacher after many years of experience working for a government contractor and leading teams of mostly men. He is now Mr. every thing. Eric has taught every age group and was the school age director. He is our maintenance man and does billing for all four schools. He is our resident outdoor and survival specialist and handyman. Eric is married to Mrs. Rachel and together they have 4 children. Eric coaches football and baseball in Jefferson county and enjoys hunting, fishing, camping and anything outdoors.

Lead Pre-K Teacher Montessori Specialist (DKZ 2)

Aurora Sebestyen

Aurora has been with Discovery Kidzone since 2015. She has many years of experience in the Early childhood field and has worked at Large Child Development centers on military bases in California. Aurora is Montessori certified and our resident Montessori specialist. Aurora takes pride in her environments and training other teachers in the Montessori methods. Aurora is married and has one son and two grandsons.

Lead Infant Teacher (DKZ 3)

Janai Turner

Mrs. Janai has been with us since November of 2018. She is the the lead infant teacher in the Owl Classroom. She has over 5 years’ experience in the Early Childhood field. Mrs. Janai is currently working to achieve her CDA. She is married with two children.

Lead Infant Teacher (DKZ 1)

Nicole Kunnary

Nicole is one of our lead infant teachers. She is a native Montanan. Nicole has been working in early childhood for 13 years. She started by helping her mom with her home daycare while she was in high school. Nicole has been in preschool centers since 2011. Nicole joined the DKZ family in 2017. Nicole has taken both infant/toddler and preschool module classes. She is planning on going back to school this fall to earn a degree in Early Childhood Education.