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Amber Chiles

Lead Preschool Teacher and Director (DKZ 3)

I began working at dkz in April of 2014. There was only 1 location at that time and I really enjoyed the creative twist that Rachel envisioned for her program. She has been an amazing role model, leader and friend. I never dreamt of being more than a teacher; she believed I could do more and encouraged me to push myself out of my comfort zone and promoted me to director in 2017. I love what I do and feel so blessed to be apart of this amazing tribe. I love our kiddos, families and teachers and see how DKZ makes a difference each and everyday. I feel very fortunate to be apart of the DKZ family.

Stacey Graham

Director Montessori Specialist (DKZ 1)

Working with DKZ has honestly been the best experience in my life. Being surrounded with staff that treat you as family in a work place is rare. The hard work and love that is invested to each individual is unique. My biggest mentor has been Rachel. The time she invest in our program is so meaningful and purposeful. It sets the bar high and to makes each person grow and learn. DKZ has made me want to be my very best each day. My love for the families and staff grow each day and I am so thankful to be apart of this strong team.

Sarah Roddewig

Lead Pre-K Teacher Assistant Director (DKZ 2)

I have gained patience, love, knowledge and much more from discovery kidzone within the past 5 years. The children and co workers have become like family to me. I love coming to work excited to collaborate with my team and see how excited the children are about the activities we have come up with. uncontrollable laughter with the children, hearing what they have learned, and loving my co workers are among the many things that make my heart happy about DKZ.

Amanda Barabe

Children continue to blow my mind. For example, I hiked up Mt.Helana today along with 19 incredible rockstar children and two awesome co-teachers.We reached the summit and the look of achievement was in every smile. Followed by a celebration of ice cream and laughs. Rachel Supalla I am beyond grateful for the time and opportunities you gave me. I’ve grown and have gained experience.