Covid 19

Covid 19

Safe Kind and CLEAN has always been our priority! Now we SPARKLING CLEAN!

Here are some of the Safety measures we are taking to Fight Covid-19

Screening Children and Staff by Checking Temperatures Twice A Day

Increased Cleaning and Hourly Sanitization Schedule

All Cleaning Materials Are EAP Approved Chemicals

No Risk of Transmission with Touchless Tours and Interviews

Comprehensive Covid Response and Preparedness Plan

Touch Free Check-In, Only Inside Shoes allowed in classrooms

Reduction of Visitors and Parents in the building to limit outsiders.

Masks required for all visitors, teachers when they walk into the building and vendors.

The following protocols and policies have been implemented:

We can fight this together!

  • Hand Sanitizer at all entrances to the schools and all the classrooms
  • Handwashing stations in all classrooms
  • Hand sanitizer on the playgrounds
  • We Are Asking That ONE Adult Per Family Please Drop Off The Child To School and can only be in the building for 5 min or less.
  • Children’s Temperatures Will Be Taken Twice Daily
  • Outdoor Shoes Will Be Taken Off Upon Entry to classroom an Dedicated Indoor Shoes Will Be Used
  • All Children Will Wash Hands Upon Arrival and before and after all transitions out of the classroom.
  • Children Will Be Bringing Their Own Lunches and Disposable Items And They Will Be Stored Separately From Their Peers
  • Procare App for touch free check in
  • Daily health questionnaire