Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Montessori Math

A child can learn basic concepts of math in two ways. He can learn by using concrete materials during the years when he enjoys manipulating equipment or he can learn through abstract methods at an older age. There are two characteristics of the math area that are the most important differences between Montessori Math and other curriculum. The depth and the complexity of the materials, and Montessori’s concept of abstract vs. memorization are the most important differences. The prepared environment and presentation of the materials lead the child to discover important facts, create formulas and problems and come up with critical thinking solutions.

Montessori Language

Similar to Montessori math, language also starts out very hands on. Children will learn to build letters and manipulate sounds to spell before they will actually write. In doing so the child has a complete understanding of the letter and how it is used in the context of words instead of trying to memorize what a foreign symbol is. Montessori uses a variety of tools that are set up in the prepared environment. We use a combination of whole language and phonics to give children a complete understanding of language. In our infant and toddler classes we focus on vocabulary and sounds. We use hands on tools, books and songs.

Science and Culture

Practical life

Emergent Curriculum