Come see
what it means
to be a part of
something special.

Come see
what it means
to be a part of
something special.

Safe Kind and CLEAN has always been our priority!

We are Enrolling all Ages 0-12
at Our Brand New Location!

Our mission statement

Why Discovery Kidzone?

Discovery Kidzone honors the imagination, mind and heart for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school age children.

We are the trendsetter in early care and learning – We strive to be the provider and the employer of choice. We respect and honor our customer’s wishes and we treat our staff as if they are family.

Core Values and Beliefs







Nurturing and loving Relationships


We inspire creativity and innovation for future generations and make the magic of play a priority in all facets of life, for young and old!

What We Offer

Our Curriculum


There’s little direct instruction
in math.
Instead, teachers guide
and counsel unlike the traditional


Students are rarely taught
scientific subjects
on their own.


It combines two
common approaches: phonics
and whole language.


Montessori writing,
like reading and math,
isn’t taught directly

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I find out how my child is doing?

Parents may phone or e-mail at any time. Parents may also request a parent/teacher meeting. We have an open door policy so parents may drop in at any time, but please stop by the office so that we can make sure the visit is not disruptive to the child or the classroom. Sometimes a peek through the window might be a better option.

2. How is parent-teacher communication conducted?

Teachers and Administrators are always available to speak with parents about any concern, and a parent may request a meeting with their child’s teachers at any time. Dropping off or picking up can be a busy time for staff. We encourage you to make an appointment so that undivided attention may be given to you. Teachers will communicate regularly with parents about their child’s progress and milestones being reached. Additionally, each child is sent home with a form daily that communicates how the child enjoyed school, as well as the activities of the child’s day. Each year in the spring and fall, teachers evaluate their students’ progress through assessments which accompany parent-teacher conferences. Teachers also contact parent via Life Cubby, our online parent portal.

3. How can I be involved in my child's school experience?

We gladly welcome parents to join us for special celebrations, birthdays and presentations. Additionally, parents may volunteer in their child’s classroom or simply stop by to visit! A teacher may also ask for parent volunteers to help with a particular activity. If you would like to participate you may always ask the teachers for opportunities.

4. Do you offer part-time schedules?

Yes, for children in our Early Childhood programs (Toddlers, Preschool, and Pre-Kindergarten). Part-time options include 3 day programs (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) or 2 day programs (Tuesday/Thursday).

5. Do the children nap regularly?

Children in our Nido and Early Childhood programs nap every day.
Nap time is from 12:30 to 2:30 PM. If your child has outgrown the need for a daily nap, he or she will be required to rest quietly on their mat while the rest of the children sleep.

Our staff

Meet the Leadership Team

Rachel Supalla M. Ed

Rachel Supalla M. Ed


Stacey Graham

Stacey Graham

Director Montessori Specialist (DKZ 1)

Melissa Velin

Melissa Velin

Director of Education (DKZ 1)

Amber Chiles

Amber Chiles

Lead Preschool Teacher and Director (DKZ 3)

Sarah Roddewig

Sarah Roddewig

Lead Pre-K Teacher Assistant Director (DKZ 2)

What Parents Are Saying

Parent Testimonials

"I just want to say how very very grateful we are for Discovery Kidzone. They are beyond amazing in there caring, educated, and loving teaching. Thank you Rachel, Ms. Melissa, Eric, and all teachers for making a place full of love and acceptance for each child to develop into the best version of themselves. This is by far the greatest place we could have our child."


– Mary Barner

"Professional, caring, and clean. May sound simple but add 50 kids to the equation and those are hard to achieve. Love this place."


– Jason Pekovitch

"Awesome teachers! They are always doing so many new things making learning fun and hands on. We appreciate a school that makes our pledge of allegiance and patriotism a priority too!"


– Lauren Kuntz

"Both my girls have gone here since they were babies. The teachers at all levels are just awesome. My older daughter just started kindergarten and is way ahead as DKZ prepared her so well!"


– Lisa Richards

Our Resources

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