STARS Certified

We are a fully licensed, STARS certified program that offers part-time to full time infant care to preschool age with an interactive, hands-on curriculum taught by highly trained early childhood professionals.  We serve all meals and accept Best Beginnings Scholarships.  We have four convenient locations near the Helena, Montana area and a full time summer camp and part time after school care for ages 6-12.  Our hours of operation are M-F 7:00 am- 5:30 pm.  Our educators are held to high standards and are mandated to complete rigorous training in addition to ongoing continuing education that is provided for them onsite. 

Our Programs

At Discovery Kidzone we follow 3 Key Elements


Safety is our number one priority and we want to provide the safest environment for your children. We also train the educators and children to embody this philosophy, so that we have a culture of quality and safety in all that we do.


Once children and adults feel safe they can then move on to fostering loving and nurturing relationships. Fostering a positive sense of self, growing strong care giver bonds and developing positive parent to teacher relationships is vital to the development of children. At Discovery Kidzone, we want children to feel loved and valued and teach them how to treat others that way in the process.


A child and adult who are in a safe place and feels loved will be able to regulate emotions, concentrate more, have better problem solving skills, clean up after themselves, be helpful to others, set goals and become happy and productive humans. We teach the children how to move to the next step and to be mindful of their surroundings and the people they are with. Ultimately, by learning these three key elements the children will have a strong foundation for years to come.

Montessori Infant Care

6 Weeks-24 Months

Our Infant Educators are infant/toddler certified, have their CDA, CPR certified, Montessori Trained and specialize in infant and toddler development and education. Our Infant program offers a hands on curriculum where bonding and care are our priority. We put our babies on custom schedules and focus on social and sensory education.

Montessori Tots and 2’s

24 months-36 months

Our Toddler Educators are infant/toddler certified, CPR certified and Montessori Trained.  Toddlers have a ton of energy and are extremely curious.  We focus on creating our toddler environments with plenty of activities to be active and explore.  Language development is key and we help them express their emotions with their words and show them how to socially communicate in a positive way.  Our curriculum embraces the uniqueness of a toddler and gives them a predictable schedule with ever changing activities to entice them and keep them interacting. 

Montessori and Reggio inspired

Preschool and advanced Pre-K

Our Preschool Educators are preschool certified, have their CDA or their degree in education.  They are CPR certified and Montessori trained.  Our preschool curriculum focuses on developing the whole child.  Our environment serves as the third teacher and it is constantly changing to meet the academic levels and interest of the children.  We use a project based approach that is hands on, exciting and allows the children to be involved in planning their learning.  Our Montessori classrooms are beautiful environments that inspire experimental learning which leads to a deeper understanding of language, math, science, music and social interactions.  Every material in the classroom is carefully planned and serves a purpose.  Our teachers work hard to meet the needs of each individual child while preparing them for kindergarten and beyond.  Discovery Kidzone graduates move on to elementary school and perform very well.  Our preschoolers are known for moving on with exceptional readiness and a love for learning.     

Outdoor Classroom

We believe anything that can be done inside can be done outside.  We have worked to make our outdoor classrooms as engaging and interactive as our inside environments and continue to work on them.  We want children to have a love of nature, have an extensive understanding of how science and the world works and have a healthy balance in life.

School Age After school care and Summer Camp

6-12 years

We believe that after school care and summer camp are vital in the lives of young children and their families.  Children ages 6-12 need a safe and educational place to go and parents deserve to have confidence in where their children are.  Our after school program offers snacks, field trips, homework help, interactive and educational themes and lessons and a place to relax and have fun.  Our summer camp is a theme based day camp that takes full advantage of our beautiful big sky country and all the outdoor activities we have to offer.  We teach the children survival skills and outdoor/nature learning.