Experience The Genius
Discoveryⓒ Curriculum

Give Your Child An Academic, Social,
and Developmental Advantage

Experience The Genius
Discoveryⓒ Curriculum

Give Your Child An Academic, Social, and Developmental Advantage

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Learning The Basic Concepts of Math

Montessori math differs from other curricula in terms of the depth and complexity of materials and abstract methods vs. memorization. A prepared learning environment and presentation of materials leads your child to:

Reading, Writing, Spelling and Literacy

Your child learns to build letters and manipulate sounds to spell with the Montessori language program before they’re able to write. In doing so, they gain a complete understanding of the letter and its use in the context of words instead of trying to memorize foreign symbols.

Happy Friendships With Strong Social-Emotional Skills

From giving compliments to friends, apologizing for mistakes, taking turns, learning how to share toys, and more, your kiddo develops strong social-emotional skills that teach them how to navigate daily interactions and build lasting relationships.

Science and Culture In Outdoor Classrooms

Your child develops a love of nature, gains an extensive understanding of how science and the world works, and enjoys cultural lessons in fully-equipped outdoor classrooms. They observe animals, plant flowers, witness life cycles, and learn about history and geography through fun games.

Practical Life Skills Develop Independence

Learning to dress themselves, prepare simple meals, clean their spaces, and tidying up messes provides your child with a sense of responsibility for their actions. They gain independence as they realize that they can achieve tasks independently in our practical life skills areas!

Children Learn According To Their Own Interests

Teachers observe the children in your child’s class and note what their specific set of interests are. Activities are then planned based on the topics and tools that will engage them most and hold their attention for the longest.

STEAM Incorporated Into Each Activity

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics are ever-present in your child’s daily activities. They learn how to problem solve, think creatively, observe and assess situations, apply their knowledge, research the facts, and evaluate information!

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