Sparkling Clean, Hygienic, and Organized

A Comprehensive Preparedness Plan Keeps Your Child Safe

Sparkling Clean, Hygienic, and Organized

A Comprehensive Preparedness Plan Keeps Your Child Safe

Preschool & Daycare Center Serving Montana City, Clancy, Helena, East Helena and Bozeman, MT

Temperature Checks Happen Twice A Day

All children and staff have their temperatures taken upon entry and then a second time throughout the day. Anyone who has a fever is asked to go home and is only allowed to return once they’re symptom-free and do not threaten others.

Frequent Daily Cleaning And Hourly Disinfecting

Teachers clean your child’s toys and surfaces frequently and pay special attention to high-touch areas like doorknobs and entrances. Staff follows an hourly sanitization schedule to ensure that no areas are missed and that the spread of germs is contained.

Reduced Visitors and Masks Always Required

The number of visitors allowed into the center has been significantly reduced to protect your child. Masks are required for all adults, and anyone who does not have one is denied entry. We ask that only one person drops off your child and remains inside for up to 5 minutes.

All Cleaning Materials Are EAP Approved

Your child learns and plays in an environment free from harmful chemicals. All cleaning products used to combat germs have been approved to be used around children by the Environmental Protection Agency.

We Are The First Program In Montana To Invest In A ZONO Sanitizing Cabinet For A Germ And Virus-Free Environment

Regular Handwashing And Hand Sanitizer At All Entrances

Hand sanitizer can be found at all of the school’s entrances, on playgrounds, and in each classroom. All children wash their hands upon arrival and before and after their transitions out of each area on school grounds.

Restrictions On Personal Items And Our Meal Program

Your child is asked to bring their lunch to school and any disposable personal items such as forks and knives stored separately. Outdoor shoes are taken off upon entry to the classroom, and dedicated indoor shoes are used.

Touchless Tours, Interviews, And Daily Check-In For Safety

You fill in a daily health questionnaire about your child upon check-in, which is done contact-free through the ProCare Connect App. Tours and interviews are conducted virtually or in-person without touching any surfaces in the school.

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