A Bright Start To Your
Baby’s Learning Journey

Research-Backed & Age-Appropriate Learning For Cognitive, Social, & Emotional Growth

Bright Start To Your Baby’s Learning Journey

A Bright Start To Your
Baby’s Learning Journey

Research-Backed & Age-Appropriate Learning For Cognitive, Social, & Emotional Growth

Infants | 6 weeks - 24 months | Serving Montana City, Clancy, Helena, East Helena And Bozeman, MT

A Founder With 4 Children And Years of Experience

Our founder, Rachel Supalla, has a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Administration and was Montessori certified in 2010. She has since developed a unique educational system that combines the best of all early childhood methods and ignites your baby’s development.

Classrooms Offer Coziness, Comfort, And Many Delights

Your baby’s classroom feels like home and is designed to make them feel comfortable and at ease. They get cuddled in rocking chairs, admire greenery, look at themselves in mirrors, and cozy up to soft textiles.

Our Certified Teachers Are Passionate About Development

Baby educators are infant, and CPR certified, have their Child Development Associate, are Montessori trained, and specialize in infant development and education. Your child learns from teachers who want the absolute best for them and treat them with respect in every interaction.

Sparkling Spaces For Your Peace Of Mind!

ZONO© Machines and Electrostatic Sprayers Protect Against COVID-19

A Curriculum Focused On Bonding and Care

Studies have shown that a baby who is securely attached to a few adults becomes more confident to explore and learn about the world around them. Your child follows a curriculum that emphasizes bonding with their teachers and loving care.

Daily Outdoor Play To Interact With Nature

Your little learner plays in a safe, age-appropriate outdoor classroom that introduces them to the wonders of the natural world. They manipulate loose parts, build motor skills through play, and interact with flora and fauna.

We Monitor By Camera And Have Secured Entrances to

Keep Your Little One Safe And Sound

The RIE© Approach Advocates For Treating Babies Respectfully

The RIE© childcare method respects your baby’s experience and treats them as active participants in their care. Teachers avoid baby talk and talk to them clearly, and step back to give your child the chance to develop at their own pace.

A Schedule That Follows Your Baby’s Unique Needs

No two children are alike, so your baby naps and feeds on a schedule that works best for them. They adhere to a group schedule once they’re older, but for now, caretakers keep an eye on when your child is hungry or sleepy and act accordingly!

Social and Sensory Play Guide Each Day

Your baby uses their senses to explore their environment, with teachers providing opportunities for them to taste, touch, smell, listen and observe. They begin to interact with their peers and take turns sharing, playing, and learning with friends.

Baby Signing Promotes Non-Verbal Communication

Before your baby can form sentences, they learn how to gesture and use non-verbal cues to signal their wants and needs to those around them. Baby signing helps them express themselves and communicate, even though they haven’t yet mastered language.

Parents Stay In The Loop With ProCare Connect

Teachers keep you up to speed on every detail of your child’s day, including nap time, what they’ve eaten, and milestones they’ve achieved with the ProCare Connect app. Log in with a few clicks each evening, and you’ll never miss a beat.

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Hear What Parents Have To Say...

"It gives me such a huge peace of mind with him being at DKZ"
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I couldn't be more pleased with Discovery KidZone. My son has been so happy being there. The staff communicate well and are very helpful. its nice to have insight as to what your child is doing each day, and DKZ is great at keeping you in the loop and even sending pictures of your child doing activities. It gives me such a huge peace of mind with him being at DKZ.

- Jessica Evans

"We love you and appreciate you all! I recommend DKZ to everyone"
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They communicate extensively with parents through all concerns and ensure any issues are resolved. I recommend DKZ to everyone and will continue to drive my boys to Montana City even though we live on the West side of Helena. Because when you find quality, the travel is worth it. Thank you so much to all the teachers who have been part of my boys' education. We love you and appreciate you all!”

- Sarah Mohr

"They do a lot of crafts, parties and fun stuff the kids love!"
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Clean, super safe and a great environment. My son loved the field trips to the ski hill in January and the bike riding days! I love how he learned skills like serving himself at family style meals and I never worried about him at Discovery KidZone. They have a good security system in place for checking your kiddos in and out. They do a lot of crafts, parties and fun stuff the kids love!”

- Heather Grace Nelson

"Absolutely LOVE Discover Kidzone! I highly recommend it to all!"
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My son loves going there, and has blossomed since his enrollment. I don't feel I could have chosen a better school for him. All the staff are wonderful! They really do some neat activities with the kids. I appreciate the observations they send us that has a picture and describes the learning activities my son has done. It also includes how well he did it and how he can grow in that area. It truly is an awesome school!

- Shannon Mergenthaler

"I just want to say how very very grateful we are for DKZ!!!"
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I just want to say how very very grateful we are for Discovery Kidzone. They are beyond amazing in there caring, educated, and loving teaching. Thank you Rachel, Ms.Melissa, Eric, and all teachers for making a place full of love and acceptance for each child to develop into the best version of themselves. This is by far the greatest place we could have our child.

- Mary Barner

"We absolutely love DKZ and all the staff/teachers! Thank you to everyone!"
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We absolutely love DKZ and all the staff/teachers! Our son Aiden loves going to school and he is learning so much. Thank you to everyone for being wonderful teachers and so supportive, kind, and patient with our son while helping him grow and learn!

- Nikki Jackson

"All the teachers are so wonderful..and nice! All the teachers are so wonderful."
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We just started going here and couldn't be happier. All the teachers are so wonderful..and nice. Our daughter is only 10 months old but I know she loves going here!

- Lindsay Joel Toner

"We LOVE discovery kidzone! Thank you Rachel and your staff!"
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We LOVE discovery kidzone. All three of our children have attended with our third still attending! I feel as tho the teaching they have received has helped them to do very well in public school and taught them to be wonderful little people. Thank you Rachel and your staff!!!!

- Tara Werner

"Discovery Kidzone has our full and complete trust. We love it!!!"
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We started our first child with Discovery Kidzone over two years ago. The staff has instilled confidence in her that I didn't think could ever happen. Now we send both of our girls there. Our youngest started when she was just three months old and I won't take them anywhere else. DKZ has our full and complete trust. We love it!!

- Jamie Jespersen

"I love Miss Chelsea. It made my heart so happy!!!"
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I was talking to Ava last night about school and while we were getting ready for her to go to bed she said "I love Miss Chelsea". ❤️❤️. It made my heart so happy and it's good to know she is in such good hands!

- Kris McElravy Schmaus


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